Next Level Digital Privacy

Ciphr is a mobile privacy platform for critical communications on Blackberry 10 and Samsung Knox devices.

Ciphr Mail

Ciphr Mail

Ciphr Text


Protect your communications from mobile threats. 

The most feature rich solution for managing your digital privacy.

User Controlled Keys

Private keys are generated on device by the user.

Ephemeral Messages

Users control who has access to sent messages and for how long.

Brute Force Protection

Safeguarded against online & offline cryptanalytic attacks.


No data touches Ciphr servers in an unencrypted format.

Encrypted Media

Images, voice notes and sound clips shared and stored securely.

Secure Backup

Reliable encrypted backups of application data.

Why Ciphr

The pace and intensity of cyber attacks is increasing with victims of data breaches facing financial loss and reputational damage. Ciphr is addressing these problems with an industry leading privacy platform designed specifically for mobile communications. contact us to learn more about mobile threats that could affect you, and what Ciphr is doing to keep you protected.

Good to know

The entire HYPERCORE platform is built from the ground up by our own cryptographers, programmers and network architects including the servers both and text. We are also the only company to have implemented Quantum Encryption on top of ECC Encryption. We are also the only ones to use what is considered the only other safe ECC curve which is Curve 448. Everyone else is using the less secure but still secure ECC 25519 curve.