Dear Ciphr Customer,

We have now read all the messages about a so-called Ciphrhack. The only thing that affecting us at this time is bad publicity for our company. We guarantee that this again is a dirty game of Skysecure. instead of improving their own system, Skysecure is busy trying to disrupt the expansion of growing companies.


This information was retrieved by a rogue reseller who was granted access to our sales systems and he gave this information to Skysecure. As a result email addresses, and imei are visible. Most of them have already expired and the majority of our customers base doesn’t even show up.

We have completed a full security audit on our crypto, apps, server and our sales portal. This is old info and has been patched. The audit will be released soon and will validate our product and all claims made by our company.

First they blocked, then they did their promo against Ciphr and now this! Why are they afraid of us? Because they know our product is much better!!!

Not 1 message has been hacked or read out.

We stand strongly behind our product and guarantee your safety.

Please reply to this message with any questions you may have and we will answer them as quickly as possible.

CIPHR Management