We are contacting you today to inform you that a competing brand, EncroChat, has decided to block communications with multiple market-leading brands, including Ciphr. As of yesterday, communications to this network have stopped. We understand that it is of utmost importance to have secure and open communications with your contacts and regret that end users will suffer as a result. Last week a video about EncroChat circulated on YouTube pointing to a supposed vulnerability. We would like to make it clear that our company was not involved in creating or distributing that video. It appears the direct response to that video was not only to block competing companies but also to make a video that attempts to damage the reputation of Samsung Knox®. Both videos failed to demonstrate the practicality of the “alleged” exploit.

Samsung Knox® has multiple defense layers to detect threats and secure our devices. The platform is subject to continuous audits, and frequent security updates that keep their devices ahead of a dynamic security landscape. Ciphr benefits from the global exposure of Samsung Knox® and its continued investment into endpoint security. To follow best security practices, we recommend frequent device and operating system updates to benefit from available security patches. We stand firmly behind our products security and encryption.

See below some facts in addition to mentioned above:

    • Ciphr has been a leader in this industry for 10 years. During this time we have seen multiple rumours and invalid information spread as an attempt to tarnish competing brands reputations. Ciphr refuses to participate in these activities and believes companies that do so are putting their own interests ahead of their customers.
    • Samsung Knox® and Ciphr applications are subject to constant penetration tests and security audits. Security patches are released frequently to stay ahead of security threats. Samsung Knox® is globally trusted and is a leader in mobile device security.
    • Samsung offers a bounty of up to $200,000 for anyone who can expose vulnerabilities in their systems. If this was truly a threat to all Samsung devices it would have been exposed online. tinyurl.com/samsungbounty
    • Other servers using Samsung’s are still open to EncroChat despite their claim of closing connections to all Samsung devices. Ciphr also offers Blackberry devices but EncroChat has also blocked those connections.
    • Online you will find countless articles smearing nearly every company in our industry. We do investigate all of them however many have no proof or merit and are believed to not be true. We encourage customers to think about the motives behind what is being posted online. When exploits are presented to the security community they include enough detail that the reader can verify the exploit themselves. Without that information, the claims made cannot be considered credible.

We would like to thank our customers and partners for their continued trust and support. We will continue to stay true to our principles of security, innovation and professionalism.

Thank you,
CIPHR Management