Who owns Hypercore?

Ciphr is the owner of Hypercore. Ciphr is a joint venture between multiple secure communications companies based out of Canada.

What does the Hypercore servers store and in what juristridiction areas are mentioned servers based?

Our multiple servers are all based in jurisdictions that are committed to strong privacy laws we continually monitor and assess our server locations to ensure our customers privacy.

Hypercore servers are node based and located in different areas all over the world. Mentioned servers are in countries that lies not on USA or NATO Juristridiction. Locations are in countries that are bound to their own local privacy law only. When it comes to stored data all input and output are true end-to-end encrypted. Our servers only initiate the tunnel.

Which phones are compatible with Hypercore?

Hypercore can be applied on next devices:

Samsung J3, J5, J5 Prime, J7, A3, A5, A7, S6, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, S8

BlackBerry Q10, Q20, Z10, Z30, Leap, Classic, Porsche 9982, Porsche 9983, Passport


What countries does Hypercore operate in?

Hypercore operates in 30+ countries with 50+ resellers. Please contact us to find our nearest reseller to you.

Do I have GPS on my device?

Yes, all current smartphones have GPS. However the IT policy controlling Hypercore devices both Samsung Knox and Blackberry 10 fully disables and blocks GPS location services.


How safe are Samsung Knox and Blackberry 10?

Samsung Knox and Blackberry 10 are both government grade enterprise systems that are approved for government use at the highest levels. They both undergo extensive penetration testing constantly and are deemed safe enough to communicate state secrets and other sensitive materials.


What if my Hypercore falls in wrong hands? Will it be safe and what info can they see on my device?

Both our platforms have undergone testing on CELLEBRITE and OXYGEN forensic data recovery software. The same used by top level data recovery firms and governments. It is impossible to retrieve any data from enterprise activated Samsung Knox and Blackberry 10 devices. Irrespective of this, we provide remote wiping abilities for extra protection and peace of mind. Hypercore guarantees that your data is never accessed by unauthorized people, come what may! If you lose your device due to any reason, you don’t need to panic. All you need to do is to contact us as soon as you can so we could help you immediately to be back up and running again, wipe your lost device and remove data off it. There are absolutely no charges for wiping your device remotely or for reactivating your account. You may however need to buy a new device in case you have damaged, broken or lost your device.

How do the keys get created? Can they hack the phone and see the keys being created?

Keys are randomly created on your device. Only you, the client, are ever in possession of your keys or the passwords needed to unlock them.

When using Off-The-Record messaging (OTR), what path do the messages take?

ECC OTR messages, like email, go through our servers for transport only. There is no key server with OTR. The keys are deciphered on the device with a mathematical challenge, and the key is destroyed and a new one created for every single message. There is no way to link an OTR account to a Hypercore device as the application is sandboxed and no registration of account is needed. Also, all metadata can be secured with the 44417 ECC curve we use.


Can my messages be linked to my SIM or IMEI number?

Nothing can be linked as we use a decoy BES email which is used to secure the device with the IT policy. The email and OTR accounts used are never registered anywhere outside the encrypted Hypercore applications.

Are group chats encrypted in OTR?

OTR group chats are fully encrypted. Each member of the group is sent an individual message encrypted with its key. This allows us to have up to 50 participants. Competing OTR services use a public key system that supports only 10 participants. Also, they share a key, so if the key is ever compromised instead of one meaningless message the whole group chat will be deciphered.

I see delays in sending a message some times in email, why does this happen?

Delays in email sending are due to large emails with attachments and also poor/slow data connections.

I am not getting any data connection on my device. What should I do?

Many things can affect the connectivity of a device. Before trying anything else, the user should first reboot the device. If it’s still not working, here are a list of things to try:

  • Settings: Make sure the settings are set to allow data connectivity and data roaming (both has to be enabled).
  • APN: Make sure the Acces Point Name is properly set for the simcard being used.
  • Roaming countries: Make sure you are roaming in a country covered by the roaming agreements for your specific simcard (you can also check in my account).
  • Active: Make sure your account has not been inactivated.
  • Carrier: Sometimes certain carriers might be down or experiencing issues. Go to network settings and try to connect to a different carrier if possible.
  • Network mode: In some countries, there are different network technologies available (4G, 3G, 2G). You can access your network settings and force your device to connect to a “lower” technology for more stable connectivity.
The messages some times are slow or I don’t receive in chat until I open up. Why is that?

The message delivery system for both Ciphr Mail and Ciphr Text is such that the messages aren’t delivered until the app is opened after the password is entered. This means messages cannot be delivered to your device without your password. This limits the amount of data that is held on your device.

How long does the delivery process take?

After receiving the payment, we can ship the devices within 3 days almost everywhere across the globe. In some cases depending upon the location, we provide local pickup option at one of the facilities of our reselling collaborators. However, we can get everything set up and working for you within a few hours. Also if you already own a Samsung or BlackBerry 10 device and have an active data connection.

How much does your service cost?

Hypercore comes with the apps Ciphr Mail, Ciphr Text and Vault. We offer you packages with 3, 6 or 12 months prepaid Hypercore subscription. Prices may vary depending upon the device you choose, and whether you already have a device. If you prefer to purchase a device as well from us, we offer that without any mark-up.


How reliable is your service?

Hypercore leaves no stones unturned in acquiring cutting edge technology to ensure such reliable and advanced network infrastructure that has 100 % uptime. Usage capacity has continuously been monitored and has never been an issue because of our Infinitely Expandable Infrastructure (IEI). It’s like surpassing your expectations when it comes to the promised performance of the technology.


Quantum computers become a reality! What is a quantum computer and am I safe with Hypercore?

Yes, a 100% YES. A quantum computer uses the concept made famous by Schrödinger’s Cat, superposition, to simultaneously store a one and a zero in each of its bits. In a true quantum computer, each of these so-called qubits would be entangled, so three qubits simultaneously represent the eight binary numbers from 000 to 111. As you add more qubits, this becomes more powerful but also more difficult to maintain. If you do get it working, though, it’s been proven that a true quantum computer would solve certain problems (BQP) which are difficult for us today but are more easily solvable by quantum algorithms. This is when security and privacy people start getting involved—according to Shor’s Algorithm, the most popular encryption algorithms today will be especially vulnerable. Being that said we took all scenarios and available techniques into account when we were building Hypercore from the ground up.

Hypercore defends you against attackers using Post-Quantum Elliptical Curve Cryptography (PQ-ECC™), an industry leading security offering that adds a layer of quantum-resistant future proofing to the strongest available encryption tools available today. Hypercore uses PQ-ECC™ to encrypt each message with a Post-Quantum (PQ) key in addition to the strongest Elliptical Curve Cryptography (ECC) and key exchanges that are already expected by our customers.

What is the difference between ECC and PQ ECC?

PQ-ECC™ or “Post Quantum ECC” is an encryption method added on top of our basic ECC encryption that wraps and encrypts the system in an extra layer using Quantum Lattice Encryption. Basically, another layer of quantum computer resistant lattice algorithm.

Can I send and receive email with Hypercore from and to all pgp email providers?

Yes, with Hypercore you can use the app Ciphr Mail for sending pgp email.

What makes Hypercore unique when you compare it to other encrypted mobile cell phones?

Not in the very near future but these days mobile forensics tools and more advanced techniques use computing power generated by quantum computers for message decryption on encrypted mobile phones. An Hypercore only can withstand mentioned hack attempt when it comes to all encrypted mobile cell phones available in the market today.

Our mail program Ciphr Mail uses ECC (15,360 bit) but with the compatibility to communicate also with old PGP devices (RSA 4096 bits). We use Triple Layer Encryption (AES, ECC TLS).

Our chat program Ciphr Text uses advanced ECC encryption in an OTR format. Our used ECC algorithm curve is the safest ECC curve currently available on the market. We are the only company that uses the ECC curve 448 with PQ-ECC on top of it. Our chat app Ciphr Text secures your data therefore with a strength of 28,800 bits!

Beside mentioned above the use of an Hypercore device with Ciphr Text, Ciphr Mail and Vault is intuitive with power features which gives the user an awesome experience.

Is Hypercore being blocked by other providers?


How do I become a reseller?

Just send us a message through our contact us page. Make sure you leave a PGP emailaddress behind.

Good to know!

The entire HYPERCORE platform is built from the ground up by our own cryptographers, programmers and network architects including the servers both and text. We are also the only company to have implemented Quantum Encryption on top of ECC Encryption. We are also the only ones to use what is considered the only other safe ECC curve which is Curve 448. Everyone else is using the less secure but still secure ECC 25519 curve.